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"I just wanted to say thank you for Monday night. The Lord used you to change my life! I was heading down the wrong road fast, but everything you said got a hold of me. Now, I'm living for Christ! Thank you so much!"


"Hello Mr. Elder. Most of the inspiration in my life has come from those closest to me. However, after watching your last episode on the Contender, I felt that contacting you was more than just something good to do, it was something God had laid on my heart. While watching the show I found myself anxiously awaiting your fight and you quickly became my favorite fighter on the show. While other people were busy "self-promoting" you simply carried a positive and Godly attitude. When your fight with Mike Stewart began I was thrilled for you. You were methodical and quick. My jaw was on my chin. Then, when you took that shot that put you down, my heart sunk. You definitely fought an amazing fight. I'm not sure the referee should have stopped it anyway. It broke my heart to see you leave with your wife and daughters, but I knew your faith was strong and God was in control. At that moment, something happened in my life. I prayed for the first time in years. After I prayed, I began to realize that I need to live my life for the Lord's will instead of mine. Then, I picked up my Bible and began to read. You said that if you touched one life it was all worth it. Well, Mr. Elder, you touched me and the Lord has changed my life. Thank you for serving God."


"I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Ebo at the CCCV Men's Conference last week. What an awesome message and incredible encouragement! Thank you for speaking to us!"


"Ever since you talked at my church last week I've been a different person. I've been feeling great and have the joy of the Lord! It's awesome. I'm turned from the sins in my life and have started reading my Bible too. I've been really sad recently and it's because I didn't think I had much to look forward to. Now, I have faith that God has a plan for my life! Thank you for speaking at my church. God bless you and your family."


"Ebo... I don't know if you remember me, but I had you pray for my daughter at the men's conference. I also attended and heard you speak the next day at CCRC. We sat in the front row. My wife and I constantly talk about how the Lord used you to strengthen our walk. The trust you have for the Lord was just passed on to us. Thank you so much. God bless you!"


"Hello. I live and attend church in Southern California. I saw you speak not too long ago. It is so cool to see how God uses you and speaks through you. My generation really needs to hear the words that God put in your mouth because they are forgetting their God-given purpose. They forget whose they are and who they are. Thank you for letting God use you to reach out to His children. God bless you and your ministry!"


"Ebo, tonight I heard you speak at my church. My sister and her boyfriend attend there weekly. After visiting the church last weekend I felt at home and wanted to come to hear you speak. My name is Steve and I am 25 years old. I am at a point in my life where everything is getting very difficult. I have health problems, financial problems, and relationship problems. I've been feeling a void in my life and keeping myself busy wasn't fulfilling me, but then I received the Lord into my life. When I worship now I am at peace with myself and with others. I am no longer anxious and don't worry about things. The Lord has given me peace. So many of the things you said have changed my incorrect views and have helped me to know and understand the Lord much better. I thank you for preaching tonight and am inspired by you and your family. I have surrendered to the Lord and want to thank you for being such a strong influence. Peace to you and yours."


"Hi Ebo! Hearing you speak at our church was a pleasant surprise. My husband is a police officer and has a rotating schedule, so its rare that he can make a Sunday service with me. You may recall at the end of service I stood and came forward, with my husband and daughter following closely behind. I want to thank you for sharing so passionately with us! Your message moved me to the point that I broke and surrendered to the Lord. I needed to be humbled and realize that I can't do anything without Jesus. There is a lot going on right now, but I know that with Jesus we can get through anything. He is faithful! Thank you for reminding me of God's love for us. God bless you and Amy!"


"After you spoke at my church this past Wednesday I came up front to rededicate my life to the Lord. For the last year or so I have been living in the world, doing drugs and drinking heavily. I even went to a therapist that put me on anti-depressants for anxiety and depression. I left the Lord because of my doubt and the crazy thoughts that ran through my mind. I had become miserable and couldn't do it anymore. Your message was from God and I was touched when you said that if I don't quit, God will do what I can't. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement!”


"Ebo, hey man. I just want to thank you for taking the time to come to my church this past Wednesday. It was truly a blessing to hear and see what Jesus has done in your life. My cousin and aunt received Jesus into their lives Wednesday! We were all very touched by your testimony. Trials and tribulation were taking over our lives and God wanted us to hear your story. Amazing how God works! I will keep you, your family and ministry in my prayers. God bless you brother."


"Ebo, we are so blessed by the Lord and want to thank you for your God-given wisdom and for praying with us on Sunday. Our marriage of 20 years, with three beautiful children, was getting rocky again. You and your wife, Amy, gave us advice that was right on the money. We know we must continue to fight the good fight of faith and build our foundation in Christ and His word in order to break this cycle. Thank you for being vessels for Christ. You and your wife are such a blessing. God bless you!"


"Dear Ebo, you spoke at my church a few weeks ago and I am so grateful that I attended that night. Your testimony was amazing! The Lord really spoke through it and touched my heart. At the end of your message, I came to the front. My mother also came with me. My heart was racing and I had this overwhelming feeling. I had to go up. I had to tell God that I was ready. Your words helped make a difference in my life and I thank you for that. I know I have a long way to go in my journey, but I am on my way now. I will never forget that night. I was especially touched by what God told you.


"If you don't quit, I'll do what you can't do." Those words are embedded in my heart. I can't live in this world and do it on my own. I know now, that if I don't quit, God will meet me in the valley and bring me through. Thank you for visiting that evening. It changed my life."


"Hi Ebo. There are times that we are not completely away from God but stalled, hesitant, powerless and doubtful. I have been struggling with what God can do in my life and what He expects from me. I've been standing on the line between two beliefs. This morning, at the prayer breakfast, I finally heard what God has been saying all along. Thank you for being faithful to fulfill His call. I pray that you will keep running towards the mark and that you'll never get weary of doing the work of the Lord."


"Ebo, my husband and I met you downtown yesterday and heard you speak at a church in the area today. I believe that our meeting was a divine appointment. My husband has been close to giving up and your message today has encouraged him to press on. You have been the only one to reach him with the word of God and I thank you for that.”


"Thank you for being obedient to what the Lord has called you to do! My husband watched the DVD of the men's conference and you have inspired him to ask the Lord to fill and empower him with the Holy Spirit. He has asked me to renew our vows this September! God is good all the time and you are a blessing. May the Lord keep you strong and courageous as you fight the good fight. Jesus loves you!"


"Ebo, you spoke at CCV tonight and I was in attendance. I came up afterward to say that you were part of a knockout combination for me tonight. Even though the men were quiet, you impacted my life greatly. Your preaching gave me the tools that God has given life to in my heart. Thank you so much!"


"Your presentation tonight at our church in Richmond was very moving. You spoke about how God did not answer Moses' question of who am I, but simply said, "I'll be with you." (Exodus 3:11-12) That really shook me. I started crying and could not stop until you finished. Even now, the thought brings me to tears. It isn't us, but God through us. How many times have I heard that and nodded? It didn't truly hit home until tonight. I thank God for using you and speaking through you to touch my heart."


"We want to thank you for the amazing service tonight at Calvary Chapel Downey. We loved it and pray that God will continue to use you to bring people to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God bless you!"


"Thank you for sharing tonight at Regenerate Church. It was amazing! I loved the teaching and your testimony."


"Hi Mr. Elder. I want to say thank you. I've been so inspired by listening to you. I am committed to living my life for Jesus. Praise God!"


"Thank you Ebo Elder for honoring the most high God in your boxing matches and in the world. You have impacted so many for the glory of God and I appreciate you coming to speak at the Horizon School of Evangelism here in San Diego. You edified and encouraged us greatly as believers in Jesus Christ!”


"Hi Ebo! We were abundantly blessed by your teaching today at the One Step to Freedom Conference. You have such an amazing story! Your life is truly a testimony of God's infinite love and the mighty power of our helper, the Holy Spirit."


"Hi Ebo, I want to thank you for sharing God's word at the Calvary Chapel men's retreat in Twin Peaks, California this past weekend. Your message was awesome and I will never forget it! Obedience and surrender! I hope you have a safe and fun trip to Knoxville this week. May God richly bless you and your family. Your brother and friend in Christ!"


"Hey Ebo! I was just listening to the message you shared when you were here in Redding. The Lord used you in a mighty way that night. Your ministry is such a blessing and encouragement to my family!"


"Hello Mr. Ebo, I was extremely fortunate and blessed to meet you back in June / July of 2011 at the Calvary church in New Jersey. It was by far the lowest period of my life and your sermon not only gave me hope, but restored my faith in the Lord and in life itself! It gave me a much-needed boost as I was at the lowest level a person can be. My life is back on track and actually doing very well! I am so thankful to the Lord!”


"I just wanted to let you know that I had 2 children today at Morristown West High School while you were there speaking. They both came home really amped up about you being there. I could hardly get the whole story out of them since they both wanted to talk at the same time. My son pulled up your fight on youtube and had me watch it. We are a Christian family, but as you know life is so hard for kids in school. They need all the help and encouragement they can get. I am very impressed you were able to share the word of God with the whole school. It seems to have really left an impact and I know that if my kids were that excited about it others were touched as well. My son has been having a really hard time lately and I have been praying for him. I believe God put you exactly where you needed to be. I want to say thank you and keep on with the GREAT work. You are making a difference. I believe so many needed to hear your message. Take care and God Bless.”


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