The Great Comeback Pre-Order (Free Shipping On Orders of 4 or more!)

I want to thank you for your support of The Great Comeback! 


We are currently pre-selling The Great Comeback in a private launch. Our public launch will take place on April 5th. To make the public launch a success I am asking you to follow these simple steps. 


Thank you so much!!


    Join the launch team by clicking here.


    Teamwork is the name of the game!


    I have devoted years to writing an excellent book, but I need you to change the world! I will email you with simple and easy instructions as we approach our public launch date. 


    Before the public launch date you will be given free access to the audiobook as a "Thank You!" for joining the team! I will sign your book and include some other special gifts as well! 

  • 2. GET THE BOOK.

    I think you're really going to enjoy reading my story. It's entertaining and potentially life changing! 


    Read it. Enjoy it. Laugh a lot. Cry a litte. 


    I'll keep you updated on your book delivery and ready for the public launch. Thank you for partnering with me to change the world!


    Your friend, Ebo.



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