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You Need A Comeback!

Maybe you need to comeback to a forgotten dream. Maybe it’s a comeback from struggle, hardship or loss. Maybe it’s a comeback from depression, anxiety, guilt or regret. You may need a marital comeback. You could need a financial comeback or maybe a comeback to forgiveness. 


In “The Great Comeback” EBO ELDER shows you how to come back from life’s greatest setbacks and struggles. You’ll read practical steps to find victory, freedom and the life you’ve dreamed of. Journey with Ebo as he takes you through his story of abuse, divorce, remarriage, betrayal, addictions, depression, defeat and more. 


And buckle up for the ride of your life! This is going to be fun!





Ebo Elder is a former world ranked professional boxer, earning three championship belts, appearing on the 2nd season of ESPN’s reality show the Contender and winning a fight nominated for “fight of the year” and “knockout of the year” on Showtime in 2004. He also earned a Silver medal for the United States in the 1998 Goodwill Games on HBO at Madison Square Gardens. 


Ebo is a speaker, author, pastor and Bible teacher. He is married to his high school sweetheart and they have four daughters.  


What Pastors Are Saying

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"Ebo Elder is not only a world class boxer, but he is a world class speaker and teacher. He has riveting life stories and testimony of how God has led him throughout his life and boxing career. He is a tremendous blessing to any church or ministry that has him come share. I give him my highest recommendation."

- Pastor Benny Perez, The Church at South Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada 

"I highly recommend Ebo and his ministry for any church. Through Ebo's ministry many people came back to Jesus, reconciled relationships and broke free from addictions. Ebo's message and testimony were full of the word and he flowed well with our creative planning. He also uses humor and boxing illustrations to really engage the church. We have invited many special guests over the years and Ebo was as effective as anyone we've ever had here. Don't hesiate to have him at your church."

- Pastor Dave Divine, The Church at Chapel Hill, Douglasville, Georgia 

"People of today are hungry for truth in a time where the truth is exchanged for a lie. Ebo brings the truth to people who are tired of fighting their way through life. The Lord has annointed Ebo to share the amazing works of God upon his life and the lives of others in a dynamic and powerful way. Direct and straight-forward in speech, Ebo captivates his audience and leads them to the alter of the Lord!

" - Pastor Pancho Juarez, Calvary Chapel Montebello, CA

"It was a tremendous honor to have Ebo Elder speak Sunday morning at RIO Revolution at our 9am and 11am services. I would highly recommend this talented speaker as he delivered an astounding word of encouragement and perseverance totally based on the principals of Gods word. When you hear this story of an incredible come back not only in the ring, but also in his personal life, it will challenge all listeners to move forward and win the prize that awaits."

- Pastor Pacer Hepperly, Rio Revolution Church, Maryville, Tennessee 

"What a blessing to be encouraged by Ebo. His heart is full of joy and enthusiasm about knowing and serving Jesus Christ. He is rooted and grounded in the Word of God and communicates it so clearly, lovingly and in a challenging way. We look forward to having him come back and minister to the entire body, as well as, the youth in our schools and prisons."

- Pastor Bob Grenier, Calvary Chapel Visalia, California 


"He can't play golf, but he sure can preach!"

- Pastor Mark Anthony, Trinity Fellowship, Sharpsburg, Georgia

"Ebo Elder has entered a new ring. Not for money, but for souls. His world class skills as a fighter captivate crowds yound and old, but his ability to lead them to the cross has captivated me. His witness is fierce, his ability to communicate excellent, and his call is evident. I highly recommend Ebo Tribe Ministries for every generation."

- Tim Bach, Icon City founder, Bend, Oregon 

"Ebo Elder knows the challenges we face everyday. His message is practical, relevant and critically important!"

- Rev. Allan Mathura, South Metro Ministries, Sharpsburg, Georiga 

"Ebo Elder is a man you can trust to deliever a strong message of inspiration and hope. His story is one of love, conflict, addiction, fame, loss, desperation and redemption. The heart of this ex-boxer is to fight for the souls of those heading down the same path of destruction that almost took his life. I am confident that the Lord will use him mightily to bring them to the cross."

- Marty Burroughs, Senior Pastor, Northwood Church, Spring, Texas 

"Ebo Elder packs a powerful punch while speaking that carries an even greater impact than those he used in the boxing ring! I highly recommend him. He carries a strong message that this generation desperately needs!"

- Pastor Jay Stewart, The Refuge, Concord, North Carolina 

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