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"Throughout "The Great Comeback," Ebo takes his guard down and unashamedly invites the reader into the ring of his life. And with heart wide open with every wound, it is apparent that the worlds bandages do nothing to heal the souls afflictions. Ebo’s life is proof that where the world see’s failure, God see’s future. And when you place your faith in Jesus, even brokenness brings forth blessedness." 


- Matthew Maher, Former Pro Soccer Player, Pastor, Author and Speaker

You Need A Comeback!

Maybe you need to come back to a forgotten dream. Maybe it’s a comeback from struggle, hardship, or loss. Maybe it’s a comeback from depression, anxiety, guilt or regret. You may need a marital comeback. You could need a financial comeback, or maybe a comeback to forgiveness. 


In “The Great Comeback” EBO ELDER shows you how to come back from life’s greatest setbacks and struggles. You’ll read practical steps to find victory, freedom and the life you’ve dreamed of. Journey with Ebo as he takes you through his story of abuse, divorce, remarriage, betrayal, addictions, depression, defeat and more. 


Hey Friend, 

I’m so thankful for you and really glad you took the time to visit our site. Here at Reality Ministries you matter. You’re valuable. You’re unique. You are God’s masterpiece. And we’ve made it our mission to love you and lead you in your walk with Jesus. 


Why? Because you were created by Jesus and for Jesus, and you are complete in Him alone.


So, grab a copy of my autobiography, The Great Comeback, watch some of our videos, come visit House Church, or even come chat with me at one of my guest speaking engagements. I can’t wait to meet you! 


...and remember, Jesus loves you and so do I! 

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