"Ebo goes for the throat in this book. He jabs satan in the trachea with no apologies. Then he proceeds to deal the coup de grace to despair for all his troubles. If you want to give hopelessness the smooch of death and be the last man standing, read this book."

- Ben Courson,
founder of Hope Generation, author, speaker

You Need A Comeback!

Maybe you need to come back to a forgotten dream. Maybe it’s a comeback from struggle, hardship, or loss. Maybe it’s a comeback from depression, anxiety, guilt or regret. You may need a marital comeback. You could need a financial comeback, or maybe a comeback to forgiveness. 


In “The Great Comeback” EBO ELDER shows you how to come back from life’s greatest setbacks and struggles. You’ll read practical steps to find victory, freedom and the life you’ve dreamed of. Journey with Ebo as he takes you through his story of abuse, divorce, remarriage, betrayal, addictions, depression, defeat and more. 


“Everywhere I look I see people hurting and hopeless, looking in all the wrong places for satisfaction, fulfillment and purpose. In The Great Comeback, Ebo points you to the answer with passion and clarity. You’ll see the power of God to transform a life as you journey with Ebo, round after round. Ebo is transparent, real and raw, digging through his past of abuse, divorce, drugs, alcohol, crime, depression and more. I am confident that his story can change your life!”

- Pastor Raul Ries, founding pastor of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, author and founder of Somebody Loves You Ministries


"Ebo's journey is laced with a long list of victories and defeats. What impresses me most about this man is how he has persevered, turning trials into trophies. As you read through the chapters of this amazing book, apply the real-life lessons and proven principles to your life and turn your defeats into victories." 

- Pastor Marc Estes, Lead Pastor, Mannahouse [formerly City Bible Church], President of Portland Bible College


"Throughout "The Great Comeback," Ebo takes his guard down and unashamedly invites the reader into the ring of his life. And with heart wide open with every wound, it is apparent that the worlds bandages do nothing to heal the souls afflictions. Ebo’s life is proof that where the world see’s failure, God see’s future. And when you place your faith in Jesus, even brokenness brings forth blessedness." 


- Matthew Maher, former pro soccer player, pastor, author and speaker

Hi, I'm Ebo! 

I'm a former, world ranked, professional boxer. I earnedthree championship belts, appeared on the 2nd season of ESPN’s reality show the Contender and won a fight nominated for “fight of the year” and “knockout of the year” on Showtime in 2004. I also earned a Silver medal for the United States in the 1998 Goodwill Games on HBO at Madison Square Garden. 


Today, I'm a hope dealer. I write books, share how awesome Jesus is and teach the Bible. I'm also married to my high school sweetheart and we have four daughters.  


I enjoy sharing Jesus with people so much! So, if you'd like for me to speak at your event let me know by clicking "Schedule to Speak" below.



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